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Light + Building 2024 - ERCOplay: Ambient luminescence, focal glow and light for playing

Lüdenscheid, January 2024. Three lighting principles have characterized lighting design since the 1950s: ambient luminescence, focal glow, and play of brilliants – the basis of ERCO's lighting philosophy from the very beginning. For its trade show presence at Light + Building 2024, ERCO is now adding a twist to Richard Kelly's "grammar of light:" Instead of the play of brilliants, trade show visitors will enjoy "hands-on light." ERCOplay, an exclusive corridor on a second level of the ERCO trade show booth, harbors exciting, interactive lighting tasks. Enthusiasts of light have the opportunity to actively engage and experiment with lighting and luminaires on various scales, ranging from the very small to the impressively large.

ERCOplay – interacting playfully with light and products. For visitors to Frankfurt, the motto is therefore 'hands-on light.' Everyone is invited to give free rein to their skills, curiosity, and love of experimentation. Six stations with various lighting tasks awaken the play instinct of every light enthusiast. As the number of participants is limited, registrations for time slots are available here:

ERCOplay: Prove your lighting expertise at six stations

ERCO showcases its solutions at a trade show booth which, deviating from the traditional concept of solely displaying products, is actually something quite different: It is more like a playing field that, in accordance with Kelly's three principles, also offers hands-on light in addition to ambient luminescence and play of brilliants. Play instinct is highly welcome. ERCOplay is an interactive corridor on a second level above the application areas and the bar. The motto here is 'hands-on light:' A game revolving around light where visitors pass through six stations in 15 minutes and are faced with different lighting tasks, ranging from the illumination of small objects with the new Axis showcase lighting to the precise alignment of spotlights and floodlights all the way to the "Downlight Bingo" challenge. The best players will be awarded prizes.

Showcase lighting, light structures, etc.: New product solutions in action

Visitors can expect to discover the latest product solutions from the light factory not only at the ERCOplay playing stations, but throughout the entire booth area. The Lüdenscheid-based company has significantly expanded its portfolio in the application area of exhibition lighting. For big magic on a small stage, ERCO has also been offering Axis showcase lighting since this year. A modular lighting system that sets the benchmark for lighting quality in showcases and comprises miniaturized and digitally controllable stem luminaires, surface-mounted luminaires, and semi-recessed luminaires. Ranging from short light rods to elongated light structures, the lighting solutions extend to include Invia48V – a modular continuous-row light structure for museums and galleries, public buildings, and offices that is more than just a design element: It can be used for a wide range of lighting tasks, all the way from simple ambient lighting to dramatic accent lighting. Wallwashing is the highlight, characterized by outstanding uniformity even across room corners. Other product highlights available to see and touch include Quinta recessed spotlights with Darklight lenses for unbeatably precise light control and even better visual comfort. Also included is the new edition of the top-selling Optecspotlight, which combines proven high quality of light with unbeatable efficiency (as measured in lx/W) and a particularly long service life. And just as the luminaires are designed for maximum durability, the trade show presentation at Light + Building 2024 has also been designed to be sustainable.

Durability: Part of the luminaire DNA, basis of the trade show concept

For ERCO, sustainability is not only linked to climate-neutral production – it is also reflected in the service life of its products. With "Lighting Durability: 20 Years of service life", we have formulated the development goal of designing particularly durable, economical and sustainable lighting solutions. This approach is continued in the trade show presentation. The concept of the exhibition booth is also based on the sustainable use of materials. An exhibition booth in the classic sense is a space customized for product presentation for one-off use. In times of resource scarcity, climate change, and rightfully demanded "green rethinking," ERCO has consistently designed and conceived this year's appearance at Light + Building with sustainability in mind. Components or materials that are not absolutely necessary are omitted, and elements already available on site are sensibly integrated into the booth architecture. Starting with the booth floor: Instead of using a floor built exclusively for the trade show week, the hall floor was integrated into the booth concept.

The decision was made to use materials and objects that have been in use for a long time and that will continue to be used or be recycled after the trade show. This includes road cases, which have been used at ERCO for years for local trade shows and have already seen events all over the world. They will be used as presentation tables, newly equipped with innovations, and will return to the road after Light + Building. In addition, the frame structure of the 2018 Light + Building booth will be re-used and the corridor for ERCOplay is a rental scaffold that will continue to be used after the trade show. Printed fabrics with product motifs will be given a second life as bags after the end of the trade show. All in all, the booth is 70% recyclable and consists largely of rental items and objects that will continue to be used at ERCO after the trade show. A statement against the throwaway mentality and in favor of durability.

Light + Building 2024

The world's leading fair for light and building technology
03. – 08.03.2024
Frankfurt am Main
Hall 5.1 | Stand B20

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About ERCO

ERCO is an international specialist for high-quality and digital architectural lighting. The family-owned company, founded in 1934, operates globally in 55 countries with independent sales organisations and partners.
ERCO understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture – and thus as an integral part of sustainable building. Light is the contribution to making society and architecture better and, at the same time, preserving our environment. ERCO Greenology® – the corporate strategy for sustainable lighting – combines ecological responsibility with technological expertise.
At the light factory in Lüdenscheid, Germany, ERCO develops, designs and manufactures luminaires with a focus on photometric optics, electronics and sustainable design. The lighting tools are developed in close collaboration with architects, lighting designers and electrical designers. They are used primarily in the following applications: Work and Culture, Community and Public/Outdoor, Contemplation, Living, Shop and Hospitality. ERCO lighting experts support designers worldwide in transforming their projects into reality with highly precise, efficient and sustainable lighting solutions.

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Ambient luminescence, focal glow and light for playing: ERCOplay at Light + Building 2024

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Ambient luminescence, focal glow and light for playing: ERCOplay at Light + Building 2024




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