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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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OptecNew 48V: The new generation of a universal talent
The ERCO top seller - even more sustainable and durable

Lüdenscheid, March 2024. Versatile, efficient, universal in application - these characteristics describe the Optec spotlights, which have been among the top sellers in the ERCO range for decades. The "Light Factory" is now presenting a new generation of this product family, which combines proven high lighting quality with particularly sustainable properties: OptecNew 48V is durable, sustainable and effective, saves material and energy.

The city museum, the trendy boutique, the multi-space office: As different as these applications may be, accent lighting is always part of the lighting concept. Your task: to present objects and to create atmosphere. The OptecNew 48V spotlights are your universal tool to accomplish this. They produce a directed, brilliant light that models three-dimensional shapes, optimally displays materials and directs the eye to the object with expressive contrasts. They can be intuitively aligned and flexibly positioned on the Minirail 48V track. As system products in several sizes and with numerous options for light distribution, light colors and control, they cover an extremely wide range of applications. This is complemented by an attractive price-performance ratio: No wonder then that Optec spotlights have been among ERCO's top sellers for many years.

Tested and designed according to the development goal of "Lighting Durability: 20 years of service life"

At the same time, Optec's role as a volume model with large numbers of units sold means that optimizing in terms of sustainability has a particularly positive effect on the overall performance. ERCO is breaking new ground in several areas: OptecNew 48V was the first spotlight to be developed in accordance with the new eco-design concept. This states that all newly developed luminaires must be developed and tested for an continuous operating time of about 75,000 hours. This corresponds to a service life of 20 years, presuming standard product use, compliance with maintenance intervals and a period of illumination of about ten hours per day. All of this is made possible by the high-quality design and durable components – ranging from the optoelectronics developed and manufactured in-house to the housings with optimum thermal management and the tried-and-tested track adapters, which can be repositioned at wish and are compatible with a large variety of existing track systems.

ERCO entirely dispensed with adhesive joints when designing the new generation of spotlights. The housing, connections and joints may be replaced or removed individually, and every component is accessible – for example, for repairs due to external influences, but also for adaptation to future user requirements. This also facilitates recycling at the end of the product lifecycle. The aluminum parts of the housing are already made from 100% recycled metal. Compared to its predecessor, the revised design of OptecNew 48V additionally saves up to 30% material.

Effectively more light on the target surface

The longer the service life, the more important the energy-efficient operation of a luminaire becomes for lifecycle assessment. In the case of spotlights, however, the efficiency figure in lumens per watt only tells half the story: specifically, it shows how much luminous flux per watt leaves the luminaire. The governing factor in accent lighting, however, is how much of it reaches the target surface. ERCO uses the value of fc per watt to describe the effectiveness of the luminaire – and this is where OptecNew 48V comes out on top in comparisons, including with competitors. This is made possible by the lens systems that are developed and manufactured in-house and which project the light onto the target surface precisely and free of scattered light. As with its predecessor, the lens units can be changed without tools. This means that the spotlights can be adapted to different uses over their service life: with 12 different characteristics ranging from narrow spot (<10°) to extra wide flood (>80°) including oval light distributions, wallwashers, contour, and zoom spotlights.

Added value through adaptability

OptecNew 48V demonstrates all the qualities that ERCO customers have come to appreciate in Optec, not only in optics but also in the extensive range of accessories. Barn doors, honeycomb louvers, and snoots increase the high level of visual comfort individually for particularly demanding applications. The fixed ERCO system light colors from 2700K to 4000K as well as tunable white (2700K-7500K) are available as light colors. The spotlights can be easily controlled and integrated into programmed light scenes using an app via Casambi Bluetooth. On request, ERCO can also equip the spotlights with adapters for tracks from other manufacturers to future-proof existing systems.

OptecNew 48V, the new, sustainable all-rounder from ERCO, will initially be available in sizes S and M. From 2025 on, OptecNew 48V will also be available for 120V tracks. The "Light Factory" is thus consistently charting the course against wasting resources and towards more sustainable lighting.

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Technical features

ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, collimating optic made of optical polymer
Direct distributions: Narrow spot (5°),
Spot (15°),
Flood (29°),
Zoom spot (15° - 65°),
Zoom oval (20° x 70° - 75° x 60°),
Framing (crisp-edged illumination of pictures),
Wide flood (45°),
Extra wide flood (82°),
Oval flood (20° x 60°),
Oval wide flood (60° x 80°),
Wallwash (uniform wallwashing)
ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs
Light colours: 2700K CRI 92, 3000K CRI 92, 3000K CRI 97, 3500K CRI 92, 4000K CRI 82 and 4000K CRI 92, tunable white
Housing: cast aluminium
Mounting: 3-phase adapter, 48V adapter for Minirail low-voltage tracks
Control gear: switchable, DALI dimmable or Casambi Bluetooth
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About ERCO

ERCO is an international specialist for high-quality and digital architectural lighting. The family-owned company, founded in 1934, operates globally in 55 countries with independent sales organisations and partners.
ERCO understands light as the fourth dimension of architecture – and thus as an integral part of sustainable building. Light is the contribution to making society and architecture better and, at the same time, preserving our environment. ERCO Greenology® – the corporate strategy for sustainable lighting – combines ecological responsibility with technological expertise.
At the light factory in Lüdenscheid, Germany, ERCO develops, designs and manufactures luminaires with a focus on photometric optics, electronics and sustainable design. The lighting tools are developed in close collaboration with architects, lighting designers and electrical designers. They are used primarily in the following applications: Work and Culture, Community and Public/Outdoor, Contemplation, Living, Shop and Hospitality. ERCO lighting experts support designers worldwide in transforming their projects into reality with highly precise, efficient and sustainable lighting solutions.

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Durable and adaptable at the same time: OptecNew, the new generation of ERCO's top seller, is designed according to the development objective of "Lighting Durability: 20 years of service life" and is available with 3-phase adapter for ERCO tracks and as OptecNew 48V for Minirail low-voltage tracks.

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The new generation of ERCO's top seller Optec offers maximum sustainability. The proven, highly efficient lighting technology ensures more lux per watt on the target surface. Its design and high-quality components are geared towards durability and adaptability.

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As a system product in several sizes and with many options for light distribution, light colors and control, OptecNew covers an extremely wide range of applications and offers unlimited flexibility in use, now and far into the future.

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A universal talent: With the option of interchangeable optics with oval or wallwasher characteristics, zoom optics and contour beams, OptecNew will also meet specific requirements.

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Office, store, showroom, studio, reception foyer: Optec has always been an all-rounder for lighting systems with tracks and offers excellent value for money.




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