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Technical environment

Technical environment

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ERCO luminaires with Casambi control technology deliver unrivalled flexibility, creativity and connectivity in contemporary office lighting

Espoo, Finland / Lüdenscheid, Germany - August 2019.

ERCO, a leading international specialist in architectural lighting using LED technology, has partnered with Casambi, the pioneer in wireless lighting controls based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), to take flexibility in lighting designs for modern offices to a new level.

ERCO has been one of the first luminaire manufacturers to integrate wireless Bluetooth connectivity into the control gear architecture of their entire product range. By integrating Casambi technology, the system enables ERCO’s products to be Bluetooth controlled via smartphones, tablets and smart watches - with no further hardware or installation required. Additionally, lighting professionals can tap into the fast-growing ecosystem of Casambi-Ready devices like drivers, sensors and switches.

With Jilly, ERCO has introduced an innovative track-based downlight for office workplace lighting with Casambi technology. The combination of track downlights and wireless control offers exceptional visual comfort, high flexibility and a versatile digitally networked infrastructure for contemporary offices.

Adjustments to changing interior design layout have never been easier. Whilst the luminaires can be easily moved and placed anywhere in the track, the wireless control provided by Casambi technology allows new lighting scenes to be set up with the tip of your finger. Presence detection and daylight management sensors can automatically adjust the lighting level, both to save energy and to adapt to the weather outside. While Casambi’s lighting control solution is ideal for large and complex buildings, an entire office can be centrally controlled by a facility manager, although commissioning and maintenance can be configured remotely and do not need to happen on-site. Casambi also enables localised lighting to be adjusted easily (including for timers and scene settings) according to the needs of individuals or teams.

‘Today’s office interiors are adjustable; this must also apply to lighting and control systems. The combination of ERCO LED track downlights and wireless control delivers unparalleled flexibility for office lighting. They make installing and commissioning lighting much easier and faster than static hard wired lighting control systems. Casambi’s advanced Bluetooth technology enables us to deliver innovative lighting solutions that are high performance and futureproof,’ said Kay Pawlik, Managing Director at ERCO.

‘Through its collaboration with Casambi, ERCO is a leading the way in attractive office lighting and professional applications, and we look forward to working closely together in the years ahead,’ said Timo Pakkala, co-founder of Casambi. ‘ERCO’s remarkable luminaires blended with Casambi’s smart connectivity support both companies to realise leading lighting designs that are the perfect solution for today’s modern offices.’

ERCO offers Bluetooth connectivity in its spotlight and downlight range. With its service “ERCO individual” wireless Casambi control can even be implemented to a wider product portfolio. ERCO has already implemented several projects with Casambi technology in different application areas, including co-working spaces by WAW in Stockholm, a loft office in Berlin, galleries like the Dulwich Picture Gallery and Robilant + Voena in London, as well a lighting scheme for the Duomo di Siena where lights are controlled by smartphones and tablets, as well as by daylight sensors, presence detectors and Bluetooth-capable wall switches.

About Casambi

Founded in 2011, Casambi’s wireless lighting control software platform empowers users of smart devices to interact effortlessly with modern lighting around them. Based on Bluetooth Low Energy, the award-winning Casambi solution delivers a dynamic user experience, exceptional reliability and unrivalled performance. From basic, individual lighting-fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring and data logging, Casambi’s technology can be easily integrated at low cost into lighting fixtures, drivers and modules. Additionally, installations can gain advanced lighting control functionality with minimal hardware and deployment outlay. Casambi develops its products in Finland and has a growing

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Die ERCO Lichtfabrik mit Sitz in Lüdenscheid ist ein führender Spezialist für Architekturbeleuchtung mit LED-Technologie. Das 1934 gegründete Familienunternehmen operiert weltweit in knapp 40 Ländern mit über 60 Tochtergesellschaften, Niederlassungen und Vertretungen. Seit 2015 basiert das Produktprogramm vollständig auf LED-Technologie. Unter dem Leitmotiv "light digital" entwickelt, gestaltet und produziert ERCO in Lüdenscheid digitale Leuchten mit den Schwerpunkten lichttechnische Optiken, Elektronik und Design. Die Lichtwerkzeuge entstehen in engem Kontakt mit Architekten, Lichtplanern und Elektroplanern und kommen primär in den folgenden Anwendungsbereichen zum Einsatz: Work und Shop, Culture und Community, Hospitality, Living, Public und Contemplation. ERCO versteht digitales Licht als die vierte Dimension der Architektur - und unterstützt Planer dabei, ihre Projekte mit hochpräzisen, effizienten Lichtlösungen in die Realität zu überführen. Sollten Sie weiterführende Informationen zu ERCO oder Bildmaterial wünschen, besuchen Sie uns bitte auf Gerne liefern wir Ihnen auch Material zu Projekten weltweit für Ihre Berichterstattung.

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