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Technical environment

Technical environment

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Transforming large rooms into great light architecture: Quintessence double focus downlights and wallwashers from ERCO

Lüdenscheid, May 2018. In the Quintessence recessed luminaire range the term double focus represents special lighting tools optimised for use in high rooms that have especially high visual comfort requirements. For this purpose they combine high-performance LED lens systems for precise light distributions with a black anti-glare cone. ERCO is now expanding its existing range with higher lumen-output downlights and special wallwashers that achieve especially uniform vertical illumination with very high walls and small distances to the wall.

Prestigious architecture, whether the foyer of an opera, seat of government, corporate headquarters or flagship store, is not only characterised by qualitative materials and attractive shapes but also by daring dimensions: because space is pure luxury in the world's big cities. Such buildings require lighting concepts that effectively underline the height and depth of the specific space. This on the one hand includes glare-free general lighting in the horizontal plane, able to span large distances. However, of equal importance is the perception-oriented, uniform illumination of the walls functioning as the vertical peripheral surfaces. Wallwashing defines the space and characterises the impression of brightness. It also effectively highlights complex surfaces and large-scale works of art.

Reliable lighting tools for high rooms

So much for theory, but in practice lighting designers mainly need lighting tools for such prestigious projects that combine exceptional performance with high levels of planning safety and reliability - as provided by Quintessence double focus downlights and wallwashers from ERCO. With high luminous flux and specific light distributions, these luminaires are particularly suitable for use in high rooms. LED lens systems consisting of collimators and Spherolit lenses ensure efficiency and precision. The black anti-glare cone on the one hand lends the double focus recessed luminaires a discreet appearance, and on the other minimises glare when looking into the luminaire to improve visual comfort.

Wallwashers with optimised distances to the wall

In the new Quintessence double focus wallwashers, ERCO implements an innovative lens optic that compared with previous solutions enables even smaller distances to the wall whilst maintaining out-standing uniformity: with this new development the ideal distance to the wall is only one fifth of the room height, achieving an appealing ceiling appearance especially in high rooms. A further new feature in the double focus range is offered by both wallwashers and downlights - all three construction sizes with the recessed luminaires are now available in two wattages.

Higher luminous flux from the same aperture

The higher wattage level with each construction size not only enables a finer nuancing between illuminances and contrasts; in many cases lighting designers can now also work with more compact luminaire diameters despite high ceilings. In many cases the overall number of luminaires can be reduced along with corresponding positive effects on cost efficiency in terms of investment and operation. With regard to installation and control gear, the double focus recessed luminaires follow the system logic of the Quintessence range: flush mounting is possible using an optional mounting ring and switchable, phase dimmable or DALI control units are available. Available light colours consist of warm white 3000K Ra≥90 and neutral white 4000K Ra≥80, and on request warm white 2700K Ra≥90 or neutral white 4000K Ra≥90.

With these latest enhancements to the range, ERCO's double focus downlights and wallwashers have become a coherent, complete group of products within the Quintessence system - optimised for enabling high quality lighting concepts from a single cast in large, prestigious spaces.

Technical features

ERCO lens system: Collimator and Spherolit lens of optical polymer, light distributions: Flood, Wide flood, Wallwash
ERCO LED module: high-efficiency LEDs on metal core PCBs, light colours: 2700K Ra≥90*, 3000K Ra≥90, 4000K Ra≥80, 4000K Ra≥90* (* light colours on request).
Lumen packages: 930-4920lm
Control gear: switchable, phase dimmable or DALI dimmable
Housing: cast aluminium, plastic, three construction sizes
Anti-glare cone: black
Mounting ring: white
Installation: covered or flush with suitable mounting ring (as accessory).

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