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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Miniaturised technology, maximum quality of light: the new 48V track system with ultra-compact spotlights from ERCO

Lüdenscheid, January 2021. A large track in miniature: with 48V low voltage technology, ERCO presents a solution for lighting situations demanding the smallest possible dimensions along with high energy efficiency. The combination of the new slender Minirail 48V track and correspondingly miniaturised high lumen-output spotlights is the ideal basis for flexible and efficient lighting systems. The simple installation as well as numerous accessories and various mounting options give lighting designers a free hand for high quality lighting in tight installation spaces.

Perfectly matched to the 48V system, ERCO's new Eclipse 48V spotlights offer state of the art, powerful LED technology in miniaturised format. The luminaires rely on the Minirail 48V track with a height of only 15.5mm as a flexible infrastructure that requires little space and enables an appealingly minimalist appearance. The Eclipse 48V spotlight system comes in three sizes with powerful lumen packages and impresses with innovative technical details as well as an unprecedented system scope for individual lighting solutions. Wireless options such as Casambi Bluetooth and DALI controllability ensure future-proof digital connectivity.

Outstanding light for small treasures or exclusive rooms

Value is not always expressed in size - a fact well-known by museum curators, gallery owners and the designers of exclusive retail projects. The compact jewels presented in such contexts deserve to be as carefully accentuated with light as their larger-format exhibits. Indeed, they benefit in particular from bright, precise lighting that ensures shine and sparkle, models shapes, optimally reproduces colours and involuntarily attracts the eye. Among the various models of the new Eclipse spotlight range with its 28,000 options for individual lighting solutions, Eclipse 48V for Minirail is particularly suitable for tasks where little space is available for the technology. With interchangeable light distributions, zoom lenses, tunable white, wireless control options Casambi and Zigbee and many other features, lighting designers have a multi-faceted professional tool at their disposal in miniature format from a 32mm diameter. The small dimensions in relation to their performance also make these lighting tools ideal for architectural lighting in rooms where design concepts demand a minimalist and elegant appearance.

Darklight lens sets accents

The outstanding design feature of Eclipse is its new optics. A bayonet connects these interchangeable lens units with the slender, cylindrical luminaire body. The new Darklight lenses form the beam of light from just one LED light point and impress with their clear optics. The luminaire thus remains free of spill light - for a magical appearance and superior visual comfort Eclipse 48V also has an unusually extensive photometric toolbox: in addition to the five spotlight characteristics ranging from narrow spot (5°) to extra wide flood (80°), there are two axially symmetric light distributions consisting of oval flood (18° x 65°) and oval wide flood (55° x 85°) as well as wallwash asymmetric light distribution for uniform vertical illumination. A contour spotlight for crisp-edged projections on surfaces and the two compact zoom optics of zoom spot (17° - 67°) and zoom oval (25° x 65° -
62° x 68°) are also available. If needed, accessories such as sculpture lenses and soft focus lenses allow further fine tuning.

Ready for wireless connectivity

With the three sizes XS, S and M and housing diameters from 32mm, Eclipse 48V offers luminous fluxes up to 2618 lumens matched to the typical applications - ideal for rooms up to 5m high. The luminaire heads made of cast aluminium ensure optimum thermal conditions and therefore a long service life for the LEDs and operating electronics. Eclipse comes with LEDs in six light spectra with colour temperatures from 2700K to 4000K and colour rendering indices from CRI 82 to CRI 97. Four conversion filters as accessories create 24 additional spectra for colour fine tuning. From size S with a luminaire head diameter of 60mm, tunable white and RGBW are also available for dynamic scenes. ERCO offers various connectivity options to control such functions, and also for infinitely variable dimming down to 0.1%: Eclipse 48V for Minirail can be controlled wirelessly via Casambi Bluetooth or Zigbee 3.0, and a DALI on Casambi Gateway also establishes the connection to DALI. The options "switchable" and "On-board Dim" via a rotary control on the luminaire head are of course also available. An additional highlight: ERCO has also developed a flexible connectivity interface in the form of an add-on control unit - a luminaire with on-board dimming for example is transformed into a Bluetooth-dimmable luminaire in no time at all. The Minirail track itself provides the power supply and the unit can be changed without tools.

Minirail - a small profile with a big future

Together with the Eclipse 48V spotlight system, ERCO is introducing a new track system with the Minirail track 48V. The most important feature of this low-voltage track: its extremely slender profile with a height of only 15.5mm and a width of 22mm. This makes it 70% more compact than the familiar ERCO 220V-240V track. Minirail is ideal for all situations requiring the smallest possible system dimensions, whether for aesthetic or technical reasons. Several luminaires can be positioned close to each other in the slender track because the mounting adapter of the 48V luminaires is very small and no separate power supply unit is needed.

Lower costs, high energy efficiency

The 48V operating voltage represents an optimum in terms of safety and efficiency. Because conversion from mains voltage to 48V is implemented once centrally at the power feed for the Minirail 48V track and not separately for each luminaire, the 48V system is significantly cheaper in terms of investment costs than a comparable 220-240V system and also has a lower energy consumption.

Users can rely on uncomplicated and safe installation: due to safety extra-low voltage, no special protective measures are required when installing the Minirail track. Installation is simplified enormously because only two wires are needed for power feed and control instead of up to five wires as in 3-circuit or DALI systems.

Flexible configuration and mounting

When it comes to variety of accessories, the compact Minirail equals the performance of the familiar ERCO track. With a comprehensive range of feeds, couplers, connectors and mounting elements, a wide variety of configurations can be realised with the Minirail track. For example, it can be mounted as a recessed, surface-mounted or pendant solution and also integrated flush into furniture or building elements. The ERCO Minirail track, in contrast to many other track solutions, can be simply shortened on site without the need for special tools.

Particularly in conjunction with wirelessly controllable spotlights, as provided by the Eclipse 48V range, this new track system represents a powerful, future-proof basis for equally diverse and high quality lighting solutions. As tunable white solutions in museums, as mini spotlights in display cases, as spotlights illuminating from large heights or as brilliant accents in the premium retail sector: in the Minirail version, Eclipse masters the art of lighting.

Technical features

Eclipse 48V for Minirail track 48V

ERCO lens system: lens optic made of optical polymer (Darklight lens or Spherolit lens)
Direct light distributions: Narrow spot (5°), Spot (18°), Flood (30°), Zoom spot (17°- 67°), Zoom oval (25° x 65° - 62° x 68°), Framing (crisp-edged illumination of pictures), Wide flood (50°), Extra wide flood (80°), Oval flood (18° x 65°), Oval wide flood (55° x 85°), Wallwash (uniform wallwashing)
ERCO LED module: high-power LED
Light colours: 2700K CRI 92, 3000K CRI 92, 3000K CRI 97, 3500K CRI 92, 4000K CRI 82, 4000K CRI 92, tunable white (2700K - 6500K) or RGBW
Housing: aluminium, colour: white, black, silver
Installation: ERCO Minirail adapter
Control gear: switchable, On-board Dim, Casambi Bluetooth (+ DALI via Gateway) or Zigbee 3.0
On-board Dim version: rotary control on the luminaire for controlling brightness

Minirail 48V track

Aluminium profile: white (RAL9002), black or silver; powder-coated or anodised
Operating voltage: 48V
Dimensions: track profile height 15.5mm, width 22mm
Installation: recessed, surface-mounted or for suspension with wires or pendant tubes; mounting surface with simple push-out punched holes

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