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Technical environment

Technical environment

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Light accents – efficient, discreet and to the point: ERCO Quintessence Pinhole directional spotlights

Lüdenscheid, September 2019. The new Pinhole directional spotlights occupy a special position in ERCO's extensive Quintessence recessed luminaire system. Specifically for retail applications, they are ideal for precise, eye-catching accent lighting - and the extremely discreet appearance of the recessed luminaires with their perforated shield creates an almost magical effect. In addition to high-power LEDs, COB (chip-on-board) LED technology is also used in the Pinhole directional spotlights. This provides light colours suitably matched to each sector of the retail industry.

It can't be avoided: if an object is raised out of its surroundings by a powerful lighting accent, when it radiates and sparkles as brilliantly as possible, it inevitably attracts our gaze and attention. This is an "anthropological constant" that makes use of perception-oriented lighting in retail to display goods in an attractive way. This effect is stronger the better the light source remains concealed - and the better its spectrum emphasises the colours and properties of the specific object. This is precisely where the strengths of ERCO's new Quintessence Pinhole directional spotlights are found, qualifying them as particularly effective special tools for retail lighting. Of course, they are also suitable for comparable applications in hotels, restaurants and wherever convincing staging and presentation are required.

For a calm and elegant ceiling appearance

The Pinhole directional spotlights, as part of the extensive Quintessence recessed luminaire system, rely on proven technology: this applies both to the mounting elements which enable flexible and rational installation and to the lighting technology. The Pinhole directional spotlight with Narrow spot light distribution uses high-power LEDs and with spot light distribution uses COB (chip-on-board) LEDs with optimised lens optics. The name "Pinhole" refers to the minimised, oval light emission aperture, which with dimensions of only 72x35mm reliably shields the light source and thus achieves an unusually calm and elegant ceiling appearance. The pan-and-tilt mechanism enables exact alignment of the light beam.

The spectrum makes the difference

The Spot version in particular with its 10W COB LED module provides new options for lighting designers for differentiating between retail lighting concepts: ERCO offers no less than eight different spectra for COB LEDs ranging from a warm tone with 2700K to a more neutral 3000K and 3500K and a fresh 4000K. The colour rendering is an excellent CRI ≥92, and modules with CRI ≥82 are alternatively available which offer advantages in terms of luminous efficacy and thus cost-effectiveness in less colour-critical applications. In addition there's also the special "fashion" spectrum, which uses warm white light to make colours appear particularly rich and vibrant without distorting white tones. With this selection, lighting designers and retail designers can perfectly coordinate lighting, spatial atmosphere and the materials of the merchandise.

In accordance with the consistent logic of the ERCO luminaire system, Quintessence Pinhole directional spotlights also offer users a choice between switchable, phase dimmable or DALI-dimmable control gear. They represent the philosophy of "light instead of luminaires" in a form tailored to contemporary retail architecture: for retail projects in which every detail counts.

Technical features

ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, collimating optic made of optical polymer

Light distribution: Narrow spot
ERCO LED module: High-Power LEDs on metal-core PCB
Light colours: 3000K and 4000K (Ra 82) and 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K (Ra 92)00

Light distribution: Spot
ERCO LED module: COB LEDs on metal core PCB
Light colours: warm white 2700K and 3000K, CRI≥82 (827 or 830) or CRI≥92 (927 or 930), neutral white 3500K CRI 92 (935), 4000K CRI≥82 (840) or CRI≥92 (940)

Housing: cast aluminium, polymer
Perforated shield: white
Mounting ring: white
Installation: covered or flush with suitable mounting ring (as accessory).
Control gear: switchable, phase dimmable, DALI

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