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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Flexible light for offices with a loft character: Jilly linear downlights for track

Lüdenscheid, February 2021. Appealing co-working spaces and modern loft offices with an industrial look represent a new understanding of offices. Flexibility is part of the DNA of modern working environments that enable interaction and agile work practices. Furniture arrangements must be adaptable to new teams - and with them also the lighting. Jilly linear downlights for track are the ideal solution to the demand for adaptability by today's offices. Particularly suitable for co-working spaces with high ceilings, they provide standard-compliant light for workstations and can be repositioned in the track without tools. High luminous efficacy, wireless control and a high level of individualisation are just some of the features that make Jilly linear the ideal tool for contemporary office locations.

How would we like to work? This question currently determines the world of work, and is aimed not only at digital processes, but also at the workplaces themselves. Requirements have changed: people working productively want attractive surroundings which inspire them and in which they feel comfortable. However, they also need the flexibility to use rooms in a way that suits their individual methods of working.

Position follows function: light where it is needed

Focused individual work or working in a team: open designed workspaces, or co-working spaces, support the most diverse working methods. Particularly flexible furniture concepts play a decisive role in this respect. An important part of the interior design is also the right office lighting. Downlights for track embody everything that a lighting solution needs here: the high visual comfort of downlights combined with the flexibility of spotlights. Installed in the track, the luminaires can then be repositioned and fixed in place in just a few simple steps. Jilly linear is the longer version of the familiar Jilly track downlight. With two track adapters and 6700lm, the luminaire provides standard-compliant lighting for workstations in loft offices and co-working spaces with ceiling heights of up to 5m. Installation in the track blends perfectly into architecture with exposed bare ceilings.

Individual light control with a smartphone

The credo of flexibility also applies to the control system. Jilly linear downlights for track are available with DALI control gear. Alternatively, luminaires can also be switched and dimmed individually via Casambi Bluetooth. There is no question that concentrated single work in the morning needs a different lighting atmosphere from group brainstorming at a later time in the day. Users can thus set pre-programmed light scenes for different situations and individually adjust the lighting level for their workplace. ERCO daylight sensors and motion detectors with track adapters are also quickly integrated. Light scenes and brightness can therefore be controlled depending on movement and the incidence of daylight - an enormous advantage for energy-efficient lighting concepts. Users can set up and control all of this simply and intuitively on their smartphone or tablet with the Casambi App, without any additional investments in control components.

Standard-compliant and efficient - even in rooms up to 5m high

Optimum lighting technology integrated into a slender silhouette. The flat, rectangular housing of Jilly linear downlights for track accommodates the control gear and innovative lighting technology. The latter consists of a highly efficient optical polymer lens system arranged in a grid combined with Mid-Power LEDs featuring particularly high luminous efficacy of over 149 lumens per watt. This means that standard-compliant workplace lighting with 500lx is even achieved in offices with higher ceilings. The lens optics in combination with the anti-dazzle louvre provide maximum visual comfort, and with UGR<19 comply with standards for office workstations. The glare-free vertical light component generates high cylindrical illuminances at head height: as a result the faces of employees and conversation partners are illuminated in a clearly recognisable way, which in turn supports pleasant communication in the office and for video conferences. The oval wide flood light distribution specifically developed for offices with a light beam of 3,6m x 5,3m (61° x 83°) from a height of 4m is ideal for desks arranged in rows.

A single luminaire range for all lighting tasks

The Jilly family represents maximum flexibility and high visual comfort when illuminating modern office spaces. With Jilly linear downlights for track, a new member has been added that brings these features to co-working spaces with high ceilings. In addition to the track downlights, ceiling luminaires for recessed and surface mounting as well as pendant luminaires complete the versatile luminaire range. The consistently elegant design, with clear proportions and a striking louvre appearance, is in harmony with the design preferences of modern offices. In larger office areas, perhaps with different levels and room heights, the Jilly range is ideal for the complete diversity of lighting tasks - for example the Jilly pendant luminaire with tunable white above a conference table or the ceiling-recessed square version for glare-free light in acoustic elements above desk arrangements.

Elegant or extravagant? Luminaire optic as desired

The appearance of Jilly linear is as flexible as the applications. Lighting designers can have the luminaires individualised according to the wishes or design specifications of their clients. The combination of the white housing colour with highly specular silver or matt black anti-dazzle louvres already opens up numerous design options. These are further expanded by individual housing colours and louvre surfaces, for example gold, champagne or copper, which can be realised for a specific project with the "ERCO individual" service. In this way, not only does the light adapt to the office setting but also the luminaire to the design concept. Jilly linear downlights for track represent a future-proof and efficient lighting solution for modern office projects with high ceilings that meet the demand for flexibility in today's working environments.

Technical features

ERCO lens system: lens optic made of optical polymer
Direct light distributions: extra wide flood, oval wide flood
ERCO LED module: Mid-Power LEDs
Light colours: 3000K and 4000K (CRI 82) as well as 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K (CRI 92)
Anti-dazzle louvre: polymer, silver or black
Housing: cast aluminium, polymer
Installation: two ERCO track adapters
Control gear: switchable, DALI, Casambi

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