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Technical environment

Technical environment

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Flexible light for future-proof, flexible office concepts: Skim downlights for track from ERCO

Lüdenscheid, August 2018. Specifically for the needs of today's dynamic worlds of work, a new, unique class of lighting tools has been developed in the form of Skim downlights for track - as flexible as spotlights and as simple and efficient as downlights. Using the tried-and-trusted LED lens optics from the Skim range, they feature high levels of visual comfort optimised according to the application and enable the lighting to be adapted at any time to changing office structures or layouts.

Work in offices is changing and with it the design of corresponding rooms and workstations. Key terms such as desk-sharing and co-working point the way: fixed concepts and structures belong to the past and modern offices score with high levels of flexibility and diversely designed work environments. Zones for various uses, ranging from concentrated individual work to creative teamwork, productive meetings and relaxing breaks, also need to differ in their atmosphere. Such new demands can only be fulfilled with equally innovative approaches in terms of lighting. ERCO has achieved this with the new Skim downlight for track that brings together the benefits of spotlights and downlights.

A new class of lighting tools

The first thing noticed is the unmistakably smooth design, enabling these new types of luminaires to blend into highly diverse interiors in the form of technical details. The flat cast aluminium housing accommodates two LED lens optics that are characteristic for the Skim range. The luminaire is on an ERCO track adapter which is rotatable through 360°, enabling flexible positioning to suitable track. In this way the luminaires offer the neat appearance and visual comfort of downlight illumination without the complexity of recessing into ceilings. Added to this is the freedom to reconfigure the lighting at any time if the office layout or room use changes.

Trusted lighting technology intelligently applied

Various light distributions are needed in office applications according to the specific use of a room zone. Skim downlights for track with the rotationally symmetrical characteristic wide flood (beam angle approx. 70°) ensure standard-compliant illumination of VDU workstations with UGR < 19. For other areas such as foyers and cafeterias, the extra wide flood (beam angle approx. 95°) is a comfortable and especially cost-efficient alternative for uniform illumination with wide distances between the luminaires. In a room with a ceiling height of 3m and a wide luminaire matrix of 2.4m for example, lighting designers can achieve uniform horizontal illuminance exceeding 300lx - more light with a few luminaires.

Further flexibility is provided with the axially symmetrical light distribution oval flood (beam angle approx. 95° x 50°). This enables not only random positioning of luminaires on the track and rotation through 360°, but the lens optics themselves and therefore the axes of the oval light beam can also be rotated through 90°. Thus circulation zones such as corridors can be effectively illuminated and defined islands of light created in a room, e.g. above seating areas or meeting tables.

A wide selection for lighting designers

In addition to various light distributions, with Skim downlights for track designers can select between two wattage levels with 1260lm or 2460lm luminous flux and between the various LED light colours contained in the ERCO luminaire systematics: warm white 3000K Ra&#8805;90 and neutral white 4000K Ra&#8805;80, and upon request warm white 2700K Ra&#8805;90 and neutral white 4000K Ra&#8805;90. Housings are available in either white, black or silver and include control gear that is optionally switchable, phase dimmable or DALI dimmable. Phase dimmable models have a potentiometer for configuring settings directly on the housing. In addition to the diverse applications of office lighting, Skim downlights for track are of course also suitable for creative retail architecture and public building lighting concepts.

Technical features

ERCO lens system: optical polymer, light distributions: Wide flood, Extra wide flood, Oval flood
ERCO LED module: high-efficiency LEDs on metal core PCBs, light colours: 2700K Ra&#8805;90&#42;, 3000K Ra&#8805;90, 4000K Ra&#8805;80, 4000K Ra&#8805;90&#42; (&#42; light colours on request).
Unified Glare Rating: for workplace lighting from UGR 15.7
Control gear: switchable, phase dimmable or DALI dimmable
Housing: cast aluminium, polymer, colours: white, black and silver
Installation: with track adapter for ERCO tracks, rotatable through 360°

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