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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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A linear look with even more performance: Compar recessed luminaires with 24 LEDs and up to 9840 lumens from ERCO

Lüdenscheid, September 2018. The Compar recessed luminaire system from ERCO now makes light distributions available in a concise, linear design that until now were confined to round or square ceiling cutouts - for new application possibilities and design options in offices, public buildings, restaurants and museums. ERCO now also goes a step further: The versions with 3, 6 or 12 LEDs now gain new options with 24 LEDs and up to 9840 lumens for very high rooms and other surroundings requiring especially high levels of luminous flux.

The enhancement in its upper performance range makes the Compar recessed luminaire system even more diverse. These linear lighting tools always enabled technically and aesthetically coherent lighting concepts that complied ideally with the various functions and utilisations across the range of rooms in a project, ranging from prestigious foyers, lift lobbies, access corridors and company restaurants to auditoriums, meeting rooms and group offices. Now lighting designers can also illuminate very high rooms, for example in large public buildings, because the new Compar recessed luminaires with 24 LEDs generate luminous flux levels up to 9840lm. This means they are now suitable for room dimensions that in the past were only possible with use of conventional light sources such as 150W high pressure lamps.

Efficiency in a new magnitude

Compar recessed luminaires with 76W reduce the connected load by almost half and thus also energy consumption. This advancement has been made possible by using the latest high-performance LEDs in combination with high-efficiency ERCO collimating optics. The linear Compar lighting technology not only features an outstanding light output ratio with very good visual comfort, but users can also select between various downlight characteristics: with models with 24 LEDs these are the rotationally symmetrical light distributions wide flood (beam angle approx. 60°) and extra wide flood (beam angle approx. 85°) and the axially symmetrical light distributions oval flood (beam angle approx. 35° x 85°) and oval wide flood (beam angle approx. 90° x 55°).

Extra wide flood for even more economic light

A special feature is the extra wide flood light characteristic that in the ERCO system of luminaires always represents cost-efficient general lighting with good visual comfort. With extra wide flood Compar downlights the beam angle of approximately 80° enables especially wide luminaire spacing. The new, high lumen-output models mean that even rooms with unusual dimensions can be uniformly and comfortably illuminated - with less luminaires overall and correspondingly lower costs.

Bright, standard-compliant work light

The Compar optics wide flood and oval wide flood are compliant to DIN EN 12464 for workstations concerning visual comfort and glare control. As a result they are suitable for illuminating offices and other work areas where challenging visual tasks are carried out requiring both high illuminances and good glare protection. To enable nuanced lighting design, the 24-LED Compar version has two luminous flux and wattage levels: 5400lm at 48W and 9840lm at 76W.

Slender and diverse

Even with the new Compar construction size the housing width is still only 62mm. The aluminium housing has a length of 780mm and a recess depth of just 100mm, with quick and simple mounting. As an alternative to the covered mounting detail as standard, frames for flush mounting are available as accessories. Anti-dazzle louvres in silver or black allow lighting designers to match the appearance of Compar to the architecture and ceiling design. ERCO offers the light colours warm white 3000K and neutral white 4000K (Ra≥80), or else warm white 2700K and neutral white 4000K (Ra≥90) on request. The control gear consists of switchable, phase dimmable and DALI-capable versions.

With the enhanced system depth the Compar system expands its role as a high-performance product for linear appearances in the ERCO product range: this makes it a welcome alternative to round and square downlights in recessed lighting concepts and to conventional linear luminaires with fluorescent lamps for illuminating workplaces.

Technical features

ERCO lens system: Collimating lens made of optical Polymer
Light distributions: Wide flood, Extra wide flood, Oval flood, Oval wide flood
ERCO LED module: high-efficiency LEDs on metal core PCBs, light colours: warm white 3000K, neutral white 4000K (Ra≥80), 
on request: warm white 2700K, neutral white 4000K (Ra≥90)
Louvre: plastic, silver or black
Housing: aluminium
Installation: with mounting detail made of polymer, covered or flush (accessory).
Control gear: switchable, dimmable (trailing-edge) or DALI

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